Religious Education 2023-28

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As specialist advisers, our practitioner consultants are qualified to support the delivery of Religious Education for Surrey maintained schools, church schools within the Diocese of Guildford and independent schools with a Christian foundation. GDBE elevate offers consultancy and training tailored to individual schools and academies particular context.

The ‘Unpacking’ series of video tutorials were created by our consultants to enhance the free materials that are provided to primary schools as part of the Surrey Agreed Syllabus for RE. They are ideal for subject leaders and teachers who are new to using the syllabus. Each short video unpacks a different element of the syllabus, explaining how to apply it in your school or classroom.

The series can be purchased as a complete suite or as selected tutorials.

Each package includes:
  • A video
  • Guidance about which part of the syllabus, or support materials, to read alongside the video
  • A Frequently Asked Questions document to accompany the video
What’s not included:
  • Consultant time to answer individual questions relating to your school. This is available through our consultancy bundles.
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