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Our Service Offer

Supporting Governing Bodies of our Church Schools to offer the best possible learning environment for children is a very important part of the assistance we provide through our Property Services to Schools Agreement (PSSA). 

The key aim of this agreement is to ensure that governors and leaders are given good quality, professional advice in relation to buildings and property issues.

What your governors can expect
◼ Impartial advice, appropriate up-to-date information and guidance
◼ Services delivered to a high professional standard
◼ Discretion and confidentiality where required
◼ Understanding of each school’s individual needs and distinctive nature
◼ Integrity in accordance with Christian gospel values

We continue to support and serve through this partnership.


  • Support & Advice to assist with the Upkeep and Development of your School Buildings
  • Financial Management of Capital Building Projects
  • Advice and guidance with bidding for capital grants. Initiating and completing projects
  • Guidance on school optimisation to incrementally realise our zero-carbon goals.
  • Reporting to ESFA.
  • Pooling/Clustering of DFC capital funds
  • School Land and Trusteeship Issues