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GDBE elevate CORE | Focus is shaped to enhance our fundamental connection with your Trust. 

Our Service Offer

CORE Focus is an ideal partner package for both single and multi-academy trusts within the Diocese of Guildford. 

The elevate partnership package provides access to system leaders, practitioner consultants and advisers up-to-date and current in their working practice, well-equipped to provide consultancy in

  • Christian Distinctiveness 
  • Collective Worship
  • RE for Church Academies
  • RE for Surrey Maintained Academies
  • RE 2023-2028 - Surrey Agreed Syllabus 

Primarily designed to support essential functions fundamental to the religious character and ethos of a Church of England academy, this package is agile and adaptive. 

We provide expert RE consultancy and advice for community and mixed MATS within Surrey.

For a specific project, talk to our team and we will create a tailored solution to meet your unique requirements.

For our popular services we offer a range of consultancy bundles to add to CORE or simply pay as you go.

Get in touch for a conversation about how we can work with you.
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CORE Membership Trust 2023-24

  • Trust Board | Annual support
  • Trust Executive Team | Annual support
  • Each academy member | Half-day support package
  • Training and development benefits