Diocesan School Business Leaders, Managers and Bursar Network

Our annual series of 3 network meetings for School Business Leaders, Managers and Bursars. We warmly invite School Business Leaders to attend.


  • GDBE elevate Education - Updates
  • GDBE elevate HR - Update and Surgery 
  • GDBE Property and Buildings Team Surgery
  • Network Focus - Current national, regional and local agendas
  • Network expertise and resources that allow you to work together to best meet the needs of children and families living in your school community and provide support for you in your professional role.

Presenter and consultant preparation, training and resource materials are all included. 

This network is FREE for all member schools or academies who subscribe to GDBE elevate CORE. There is a small fee for those who are non-members.

All bookings must be made online in advance of the session dates. All presenter post session materials and resources are included as part of the online booking.

School Business Leaders, Managers and Bursars working in Church Schools and Academies

Standard Price
Universal £53 (£64 inc VAT)
GDBE elevate CORE Free
Presented Online
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