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Our Church schools are inspected as part of a regular cycle by SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools). This quality assures the school’s outworking of its Christian distinctiveness.

We actively seek to discuss this aspect with you to ensure the effectiveness of our work with schools. Our trust wide support is designed and best delivered in partnership with multi-academy trusts and academies.  

We structure our SIAMS support into two parts. This process is intended to be a support to schools in the middle of their SIAMS inspection cycle. The purpose of the first part of the mid-term review is to enable schools through self-evaluation and discussion with our SIAMS Advisor and Lead officer for SIAMS, to look at the school’s distinctively Christian character, culture, ethos and practice. This is free to all CofE schools, academies and Trusts within the Diocese of Guildford

After a school, academy or Trust has completed Part 1, our SIAMS Lead will make recommendations. If as part of those recommendations, Part 2 is advised, GDBE elevate offer Part 2 as a support bundle.